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Our modular packages are exactly what you need

Just when lots of processes – especially technical ones – are becoming more complicated and challenging, KEB NOA is making life easier again.
        As important as technological progress is, KEB always makes a point of using it to people’s benefit. That means simplifying your workflows and smoothing your path to success.

We’ve also made it easier for you to discover KEB NOA with our individual, scalable packages that you can extend as and when required. This means they can adapt flexibly to the specific needs of your business.

Paket Basis Connect

Let your data do the work!

Combining maximum machine availability with minimum maintenance costs, Basis Connect gives you quick and reliable control of your production and maintenance operations. Transparent data and processes help you meet deadlines and optimise your capacity utilisation. The Basis Connect entry-level package is ideal if you have limited experience with data-driven services. You start with a manageable investment and can extend KEB NOA in line with your needs.


Included in Basis Connect

  • KEB NOA Intelligent Connector
  • Access to the KEB NOA platform
  • Basis Apps Device Management,
    Knowledge Selfservice,
    Communication, Notifications
  • Introduction to the system

      Your benefits with Basis Connect:

      • Transparent data and processes
      • Higher machine availability
      • Lower maintenance costs / warranty-related costs
      • Operational excellence
      • Low-cost introduction
      • Easy, flexible scalability
      • Motivated staff
      • Support from the well-qualified, experienced KEB NOA team

      Integration package

      Tomorrow’s technology for everyday use today

      The sky’s the limit for NOA, especially when it comes to your company. The Integration package makes your workflow far simpler by linking your business directly to your customers. This package is geared to fast, highly cost-effective production – naturally, geared to you and your specific working environment. It organises your production far more efficiently, which really pays off, saving you a great deal of time and significantly improving your process reliability.


      Included in Integration:

      • KEB NOA Intelligent Connector
      • Access to the KEB NOA platform
      • Basic apps: Device Management, Knowledge Self-Service, Communication, Notifications, Parts Clarification, Workforce Management, Knowledge Base Integration, Multimedia, Condition Analytics, Predictive / Prescriptive Maintenance and Knowledge Base Integration Advanced
      • Introduction to the system
      • Customer CD/CI and customised UI
      • Support

          Your benefits with Integration:

          • Transparent data and processes
          • Higher machine availability
          • Lower maintenance costs / warranty-related costs
          • Operational excellence
          • Motivated staff
          • Basis for new business models – digital services / service business portfolio
          • Greater customer satisfaction

          Our consulting services

          The best possible advice

          You can achieve more. Technology isn’t the only consideration when rolling out a new digital platform. Creating added value for your company and your customers is far more important. Our consulting services help you make KEB NOA part of your everyday business operations, with customised planning, comprehensive support and reliable implementation. We show you what’s possible – and how to make use of these possibilities.



          • IT Infrastructure & Integration Consulting
            Our Infrastructure & IT Integration Consulting service ensures seamless integration of the KEB NOA platform into your current IT infrastructure. Existing systems and processes are adapted and/or new processes are introduced to ensure you can make the most of the platform’s advantages. 
          • Customer Integration Consulting
            Based on the KEB NOA platform, we help you develop tailored customer services – for increased sales and earnings.
          • 3rd Party Integration Consulting
            With this option, your partner companies are integrated into the KEB NOA platform. Internally, this simplifies processes. Externally, it ensures a uniform appearance for the end customer. This minimises interfaces, avoids redundancy, ensures rapid throughput times and boosts customers satisfaction.
          • Service Business Consulting
            We help you unlock new areas of business and introduce a digital service portfolio to improve customer loyalty and generate additional sales, in particular through regular repeat business.
          • Knowledge Consulting
            The aim of Knowledge Consulting is structured, comprehensive knowledge management with optimised processes and extremely well-trained staff to fully utilise all benefits of the KEB NOA platform.
          • Change Management
            We advise your company and are at your side during your digital transformation. We also help you achieve rapid, structured and reliable change management. The aim is to motivate and win over your staff to ensure they unlock their full potential by actively using the platform. Sales and savings targets are met, and customer satisfaction increases, making your digital transformation a complete success.

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