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What is KEB NOA?

KEB NOA – the network with drive

Discover the virtually unlimited possibilities. KEB NOA is a scalable digital ecosphere with Industrial IoT capabilities that brings humans and machines together on a single platform.

Investing in KEB NOA is an investment in the future that pays off straight away. In addition to improving your production and service processes, it also ensures you benefit from full data transparency. Unscheduled stoppages, laborious processes and the lack of a service portfolio are things of the past, because KEB NOA offers you better forms of collaboration and completely new, profitable business models. Unlock your full potential and benefit from a system that is geared perfectly to your requirements. KEB NOA paves the way for your digitalisation, combining tomorrow’s world with present-day success.

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What will I gain from KEB NOA?

How the benefits of KEB NOA ensure you achieve your goal

Progress manifests itself in lots of little details but just one name – KEB NOA. In addition to generating data, KEB NOA also enables you to use it efficiently. You can capture, monitor and analyse your data in real time to obtain findings that will improve your efficiency, your machine availability and thus your profitability.

Network with your partners, and benefit from our individually configurable packages and applications to integrate all your processes. By optimising your workflow and achieving a lasting improvement in your cost-efficiency, KEB NOA leaves no questions unanswered – and no wishes unmet.

Your benefits:

  • Complete machine and process transparency
  • Higher machine availability thanks to prescriptive maintenance
  • New business areas and models
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Easier collaboration with partners
  • Motivated staff
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What does KEB NOA do better?

The future starts with KEB NOA

KEB NOA uses the IIoT connection to send your data to a cloud environment, where it is structured and analysed. Intelligent algorithms, machine learning and AI pave the way for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Technical parameters and processes are monitored closely using sophisticated big data analytics functions. The resulting findings are beneficial for service, production and development activities. In this way, KEB NOA boosts your company’s performance and places the focus firmly on your earnings.


That vital edge.

With KEB NOA, you have all your data quickly to hand. From temperature and vibration to video monitoring and sensor technology, you can program the data transfer yourself. If an anomaly occurs, a message is displayed and the necessary know-how is provided directly in the platform. Thanks to technical descriptions, knowledge articles and video tutorials, you will instantly find a quick and reliable solution to your problem.

In an emergency:

  • All data is quickly to hand
  • Technical descriptions, knowledge articles and tutorials ensure rapid troubleshooting

A small step for you – but a big step for your company.

You always have all the relevant information at the right time and in the right place, so you can take decisions based on solid data. This means processes are planned, monitored and documented from a secure cloud connection. With KEB NOA, you actively manage your workflows rather than simply reacting to changes – for reliable control over quality and costs.

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How do I implement KEB NOA?

KEB NOA might not be the answer for everyone, but it could well be for you

Why? Because KEB NOA has a modular structure, which means it can adapt flexibly to the requirements of your business.

Find out more

Prior to implementation, our experts will work with you to determine your specific goals so as to ensure maximum value in the minimum time. Our experienced team will help you with implementation and will be at your side throughout the entire process. After all, individual requirements call for a customised approach. This results in easy implementation and a rapid return on investment.

Your benefits:

  • Innovative browser-based, digital platform – secure, scalable and with maximum availability
  • Sophisticated access rights concept for customised configuration
  • Technical support to assist with IT integration and data analysis
  • Consulting services for customer projects and business development

Who will benefit from KEB NOA?

You’re in the best possible hands with us

Thanks to its modular structure and flexibility, KEB NOA is, in fact, ideal for any company that is looking to benefit from the possibilities and opportunities of a digital transformation. We have particular experience in the following sectors:

Icon KEB Plastics Machinery
Plastics Machinery
Icon KEB eMobility
Icon KEB Material Handling
Material Handling
Icon KEB Textil Industry
Textil Industry
Icon KEB Metal working machinery
Metal working Machinery
Icon Wind Power
Wind Power
Turbo compressors Blowers
Turbo compressors Blowers
Icon KEB Food & Packaging Processing
Food & Packaging Processing
Icon KEB Elevators & Escalators
Elevators & Escalators
Icon KEB Recycling Machines
Recycling Machines
Icon KEB Packaging
Icon KEB Medical Systems
Medical Systems

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